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The Environment

Blossom & Browne's Sycamore Laundry maintains a responsible attitude towards the environment and the impact of the business on it. This includes the safeguarding of existing environmental performance as well as being responsive to opportunities for improvement.

Blossom & Browne's Sycamore achieved ISO 14001 in July 2015.

ISO 14001 is an internationally recognised scheme that is given to any company that accomplishes an environmental status. The idea is that any company that has ISO 14001 is audited against their ‘key performance indicators’ and has to continually reduce their environmental impacts. Blossom & Browne's Sycamore is able to prove that they are able to do this.

In particular the business will:

  • Maintain the commitment of management and staff to ensure continued and effective environmental responsibility.
  • Foster a positive attitude towards opportunities for environmental improvements.
  • Remain informed and aware of the life cycle or "cradle to grave" attributes and implications of business commodities, products, packaging and equipment.
  • Minimise the pollution implied by our business operations by efficient working practices, correct process design and execution and good plant maintenance.
  • Adopt a company transport strategy which minimises environmental impact as far as possible by efficient logistics, good vehicle maintenance and replacement schedules.
  • Assess and optimise the environmental implications of product and investment decisions.
  • Keep up to date with the spirit and particular requirements of environmental legislation, regulations and codes of practice.
  • Maintain an assessment of the environmental policies and performance suppliers and contractors to the business. Choice of suppliers will take into account of their environmental policies where possible.
  • Assist customers in the environmentally helpful use of our services and products.
The company will liaise as required with the local community and authorities on environmental matters. The company will produce an annual environmental performance report. This environmental policy is published annually in the Companies Audited Accounts.

View this policy, signed by our Managing Director here.

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