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Some fabrics are too delicate to be washed in water, indeed many garment manufacturers and designers insist upon drycleaning as the preferred method of cleaning to preserve the shape, colour and integrity of a garment / item.

At Blossom & Browne's Sycamore we take immense care when drycleaning clothes and linens. We have invested heavily on the latest drycleaning technologies and equipment to ensure that all items are properly cleaned and returned to you in pristine condition.

We offer a proactive service and if you have any particular concerns or stains, simply draw our attention to it upon collection and we will carefully review each situation and feedback and resolve the situation, swiftly and without fuss.

For more information on our drycleaning services for businesses or to arrange a tour of our central London laundry and drycleaning production facilities, call our specialist business-to-business solutions team on 020 8552 1231 or complete our contact form online.

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