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At Blossom & Browne's Sycamore, all our laundry is washed in pre-softened water to restore the fabric to a ph close to that of human skin, which makes it hypoallergenic. Our trade secret environmentally-friendly soap mix is applied by hand to prevent fading of pipings and edgings and an extra final rinse is used to ensure all fabrics are baby soft and safe for even the most sensitive skin. To finish, we iron and press items to an exceptionally high polished finish before folding, hanging or boxing as required by the client.

We would encourage you to visit our production facility so that we can show you laundry in progress and illustrate the standard and often unique approaches and options provided to our existing clients. This can spark new ideas and add value to your own bespoke solution. Having our production facility in central London means that we can offer quick turnaround times and minimise your stock levels whilst maintaining exceptional quality.

For more information on our laundry services for businesses or to arrange a tour of our central London laundry and drycleaning production facilities, call our specialist business-to-business solutions team on 020 8552 1231 or complete our contact form online.

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