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Blossom & Browne's Sycamore is the trusted laundry and drycleaning partner for many companies in London and the surrounding areas that provide uniform to their staff. Whether you are in catering, sports, retail, hotels, hospitality or any other industry, we make sure that your team will look their very best every day with freshly cleaned uniforms that are pressed to perfection.

We collect, clean and return uniforms in the quickest time possible to ensure that your stock levels can be minimised and can even consult with you on the best types of clothing to purchase and uniform design so that it withstands not only the situation it is worn in but frequent laundering and easy repair. We can even provide distribution recommendations and literature to your staff to prevent inadvertent abuse and extend the life of each uniform.

For more information on our uniforms laundry and drycleaning solutions, please contact our specialist business-to-business solutions team on 020 8552 1231 or complete our contact form online.

Uniform Laundering & Drycleaning

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