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A Guide To Cleaning Symbols

Ever wondered whether how an item of clothing should be cleaned? Send it to Blossom & Browne's Sycamore and we'll give it the royal treatment or use our useful laundry symbols guide below:


Washing Symbol
Wash at 30°
Wash at 40°
Wash at 50°
Hand Wash
Do Not Wash


Ironing Symbol
Low Temp Iron
Medium Temp Iron
High Temp Iron
Do Not Iron

Tumble Drying

Tumbledry Symbol
Tumbledry Low Temp
Tumbledry Normal Temp
Do Not Tumbledry

Natural Drying

Natural Dry Symbol
Line Dry
Dry Flat
Drip Dry
Dry In Shade
Line Dry in Shade
Flat Dry in Shade
Drip Dry in Shade


Allow Bleaching
Bleach with Oxygen
Bleach with Chlorine (Obselete)
Do Not Bleach
Do Not Bleach (Obselete)

Professional Drycleaning

Drycleaning Symbol
Dryclean with HCS
Gentle Dryclean with HCS
Very Gentle Dryclean with HCS
Dryclean with
Gentle Dryclean with PCE
Very Gentle Dryclean with PCE
Do Not Dryclean

Professional Wet Cleaning

Professional Wet Clean
Gentle Pro Wet Clean
Very Gentle Pro Wet Clean
Do Not Pro Wet Clean

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